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Simple words on a page reveal the unfathomable power of being in Buried Treasure: Unearth Your Golden Soul. Insights of celebrated thought leaders are placed at our fingertips in hopes we will see ourselves anew, recognizing the ever-present Presence within. The messages and commentary will surely take you on a contemplative journey from which the author desires you will arrive refreshed, inspired, and maybe even turned upside down and inside out. 


Amakiasu Turpin-Howze had no idea she was on the precipice of writing a book, only taking notes to soothe her broken heart. So, what appeared to be an insurmountable emotional pit, in fact, became a shining light, a beacon reminding her and all of us that we are so much more than flesh and bones. That we pulse with the power to create, to be, do, and have far more than we have dared to imagine.

Whether you are in acute trauma or negotiating daily life challenges, this book will provide you with immutable universal laws that are startling in their simplicity and profound in their application.


Preface Excerpts

“Ironically, many of the writings I was putting down had nothing to do with lost love or emotional pain directly, but rather, they carried the message of who we are and of what lies at our deepest core, as spiritual beings. I was therefore reminded of several profound truths:”
“Circumstances change continuously, so being a witness, instead of an object of circumstance, is a far better choice.”
Red Maple Leaves
“The universe is
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