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Personal trauma is part of the human journey. Some barely survive, while others are scarred for the duration. If these principles saved my life, maybe they can help someone else too. Those notes turned book, brim here with universal laws and principles that, if consciously applied, can catalyze the power within to elevate and enlighten us. They come from thought leaders, such as, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Neville Goddard, and Deepak Chopra. Their message is here for the taking. Amakiasu demonstrates and interprets many of these with stories and reflections from her life. Buried Treasure: Unearth Your Golden Soul is a veritable treasure trove for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of what it means to be spiritual beings on this Earth plane. If it doesn’t inspire you, it will, at minimum, give you much food for thought and tools for better living.

– Amakiasu Turpin-Howze

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