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An Epic Train Trip
My Healing Journey Toward
Buried Treasure

Book Background

In 2016, about eight months after my husband’s abrupt departure from our marriage, I took a long train trip out of my great need to heal and find peace in the new reality that was thrust upon me.  My vision of happiness included my husband and his companionship, which I thought would last for the rest of our lives. Ironically, my aloneness prompted me to seek greater solitude. A train trip seemed fitting.


I remember staring out of the window watching the scenery. Sometimes it changed suddenly and sometimes I got lost in the sameness of things and the  rhythmic sound of the wheels clacking on the track. It was just what I needed. Time to think and not think. Time to just be.

A view from the train.

Making Tracks....

I boarded the train in Chicago, but first spent a day or two with my oldest daughter attending graduate school there. Seeing her softened my heart.


First stop, Taos, New Mexico - The wide expanse of sky,  clean air, and beauty all around was just what the “doctor” ordered. Here, I saw my long time and dear  friend, Jan and her family.  She and I traveled to South Africa together with a service group when we were in our 20’s.  Even then (in 1980!), we synced up as if we had known each other for life-times. This visit, 40 years since, brought another softening to my heart.


This was a well planned trip, with loved ones or things I loved scattered throughout. For a few legs of the trip, I booked a sleeper cabin. This was not only a treat, but also provided the undisturbed quiet time I needed.


Next stop, Los Angeles - My younger sister met me here and “loved up on me!” Being around her and her husband was a joy. After a few days, I boarded the train for Portland, Oregon, to be followed by Whitefish, Montana and then back to Chicago. All said and done, I had circled a good portion of the U.S. and done so amidst tears and confusion interspersed with the sweetness of life.


The roomette on the train was very cool. I absolutely loved it!

My sister, Bahni, and her husband.

Whitefish, Montana, home to Glacier National Park.

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 2.39.35 PM.png

Here I am in Taos with my friend, Jan, and her daughter.


In Portland, I checked out the City Repair Project…..beautiful art in neighborhood intersections designed to slow traffic and bring people together. Mosaic sculptures, little libraries, tea stands, freebies, and more are the order of the day.

A view from the train along the Columbia River.

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